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Ventana Treefish Logo

It's about our values: Artisanship. Responsibility. Adventure.



The curved text and symmetry of the logo represent the outstanding artisanship of Ventana Surfboards. Every detail matters, and even the “T” in VENTANA aligns with the trunk of the tree/backbone of the fish. The surfboard itself is at the center of the design. Surfboards will always be at the core of what we do even as we expand our line of surf supplies and clothing.



Social and environmental responsibility are very important to us. A clean, protected sea is required for our business to succeed and for all of us to continue to enjoy the ocean. Social responsibility helps us create the kind of world in which we want to live on land.

The logo itself represents nature by incorporating the tree with the fish. In fact, a treefish is an actual fish. It lives along the Pacific coast from central Baja California, Mexico through our home on the Monterey Bay and up into San Francisco. Turn the logo horizontally to see how the tree becomes a fish.

All of our surfboards, handplanes, surf supplies and clothes run deep on the environmental responsibility front. On our boards, for instance, we use Entropy Bio Resin, an outstanding epoxy that replaces petro-chemicals with renewable, bio-based materials like tree sap. And, all Ventana surfboards are Ecoboard Gold Certified by Sustainable Surf.

All of our boards, handplanes, and wood products are made from reclaimed, historical and found wood and offcuts from other products. Most of the wood we use is from conifer species, like redwood, cedar and Douglas fir, so the conifer in our logo represents that perfectly.Ventana Treefish Logo 6'6"

We donate 5% of profits to ocean conservation programs, and we offset the carbon impact of our customer shipments by funding forest protection projects using Offset by Shopify.


We create beautiful, high quality surf products that help people live an adventurous, ocean lifestyle. All of our boards surf like a dream, but even if they hang on walls, they have the power to instill a sense of adventure in everyone who sees them.

Our logo incorporates elements that speak to adventure. We take our name from the Ventana Wilderness in Big Sur. It is a wild, undeveloped geography on the Central California coast, perfect for adventure. And the word Ventana means “window” in Spanish. The circle in our logo is a porthole…a window to the ocean.

Also, look closely at the small dot next to the tip of the board. It is the eye of our Treefish, but it also represents the full moon over one of our local redwood trees. We love to surf at night. Riding over the silvery glimmer of moonlight on the face of a wave is an amazing experience of speed, beauty and adrenaline. In the daytime, each wave is an adventure. At night, even more so. Of course, the moon and sun also control the ocean tides!

Check out the pictures of the Ventana Treefish Logo 6'6" Down Rail board, the Ventana Redwood Treefish 9'0" Longboard, the Ventana Save-A-Surf Box or the Ventana Surfboards recycled PET + organic t-shirt to see some of the many ways we incorporate our logo into our boards, eco apparel and surf supplies.

Thank you for being a part of the Ventana adventure!

See you in the water,

Martijn & David


Usage Guidelines

The "Ventana Treefish Logo" should be used with the words "Surfboards and Supplies" at the bottom, unless there are concerns about space or aesthetics. The logo must be pure white on a Pantone 462 C brown background or brown on a pure white background. The aspect ratio of the logo must always be retained. Email to request other modifications or file formats. 



Download the Ventana Logo Assets, Fonts and Spec Sheet





About Us
  • Ventana Surfboards & Supplies has the highest bars for artisanship and environmental responsibility. We create hollow-framed, reclaimed wood surfboards; bodysurfing handplanes; eco surf apparel, and sustainable surf supplies that are loved by adventurers everywhere. The Ventana team lives and works in Santa Cruz, California where we test our products on some of the most challenging waves on the planet. Ventana donates at least 5% of profits to ocean conservation.

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  •   We're an online surf shop and wholesaler with occasional pop up shops around California.

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