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Sycamore Flyer Bolt 7'2"

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This sleek, hollow-framed, wooden surfboard pays homage to an original Lightning Bolt shape created by Jack Shipley and Gerry Lopez.

The top deck and bottom decks are made from offcuts of quilted maple and spalted sycamore donated to us by Meier Brothers Furniture and Design in Aptos, California. We've also incorporated Douglas fir from the hull of the Western Flyer, considered by many to be the most famous fishing boat in the world. John Steinbeck, Ed "Doc" Ricketts and crew sailed this 77-foot sardine boat into the Sea of Cortez in Baja Western FlyerCalifornia, Mexico in 1940. The following year, Steinbeck published his book, The Log from the Sea of Cortez about the adventure. Learn more about this amazing boat and Ventana's use of its wood

The vent and leash plugs are made of quilted maple, and we created a glassed-on, translucent single fin!

The rails are made of cork which is more resistant to dings. The cork is painted with brass-colored paint for a bold, shining effect. There are two sheets of Aerialite 4 ounce fiberglass on top and one on bottom. The epoxy is Entropy Super Sap 100 bio-resin which is up to 40% tree sap and is very strong and light.

As with all Ventana Surfboards, the interior is glassed and sealed, as well.

This board is hollow, lightweight and will ride as great as it looks. Given the uniqueness of each side, it's two art pieces in one.

Made in Santa Cruz, California by master craftsman Martijn Stiphout.

Includes an aluminum, museum-quality 4"x6" display sign and a handmade bag by Sagebrush Board Bags created using coffee bean sacks and unique, remnant fabrics.

Dimensions: 7'2" x 19.75" x 2.625"

Approx. 14 pounds 

See pictures and video of the board being created!



Each board comes with a special edition of our standard Save-a-Surf Wax Box. This version includes two vent plug screws for your new surfboard!

All Ventana Surfboards are ECOBOARD Project Gold Level Verified by!

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